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“Hey Roberto Hu” - Coming 2019-2020

The stories in Hey Roberto Hu reflect the time period between 2007 and 2011.

The primary and longest story in this book takes place in Venezuela. A trip of a lifetime to a country in the continent of South America, a place that the author never dreamed of seeing in his lifetime and was not about to pass up traveling to when given the unforeseen opportunity. It takes place during the time period when Hugo Chavez was still ruling the country. A writer with a photographer’s eye, looking at a fascinating, beautiful, often dangerous, amazingly diverse, and unforgettable country. It is the writer’s hope that the current state of affairs in Venezuela will improve to livable and peaceful conditions for it’s people in the foreseeable future.

The other stories in the book take place in Oregon, Washington State, and in California.

Numerous watercolors and drawings in color enhance the book.